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Originally Posted by noxman View Post
The Chevy Volt: 230 mpg for car and need 230 new nuclear electric power station

I miss the point of this ""eco"" car.
Well if the specs that G.M. is feeding us are correct, this car uses very little electricity given how far it can be driven on a charge/gas. The end result appears to be a car that is one of the most efficient cars ever invented. I used to have a girlfriend that had a disability and had to use an electric wheelchair. As I recall it cost her almost as much in electricity as this Chevy Volt is said to use. That is quite an accomplishment if true.

One thing that makes it eco-friendly is that a single overnight charge is enough to run the car around for 40 miles. Based on polling data the vast majority of people drive less than 40 miles a day (Not for people in my shoes though- haha)- that would mean that for many people this car would not need to burn one drop of oil based fuel on most days. And the electricity could be as cheap as 75 cents for a full charge, so the worry about the increased electrical demand is not that big of a deal.

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