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Since storage is cheap:

-Hardcode the data fields;
-Single header line at beginning of file;
-Output in readable text, not hex;
-Sample rate of 0.5 sec (the main loop length in MPGuino... i've never looked at OBGuino);
-Start a new file every car start (ie, activity detected after at least 1 minute of no activity)

If you have a system clock, keep in mind you could code the timestamp into the filename using base36 instead of base10. Worst case, you'd need 4 characters [0-9A-Z] for yymmdd, and another 4 for SecondsSinceMidnight (36^3 = 46,656, 36^4 = 1,679,616). Then ".obd" for your .ext. Your data viewer program would then decode the base36 into "yymmdd hhmmss"
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