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Questions about tires for my 2001 Corolla

Hi everyone, I just got a 2001 Toyota Corolla as a gift. It only has about 55k miles on it and its a great little car. I will be researching things like the dams in front of the tires for small aero mods but really its going to stay stock for the most part.

I know that tires can make a world of difference. I need new tires, and so I am thinking about going from 185/65r14 to something of the same height but narrower. I think 155/80r14 is right in there or close. Would going to a narrower tire give me any measurable gains in the day to day driving? We do mostly around town stuff.

Additionally, I need something that's at least decent in snow and mild ice. I know that with 4x4's, which I used to dabble in, work better with narrower tires because it encourages the tire to dig down instead of float on top of the snow.

So, is this just a "dude, figure it out yourself" deal, or is there a well trodden path to follow?

Thanks a lot!

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