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Originally Posted by stou0220 View Post
I checked the charging side of the charger and it is pushing about 80-81 volts. I also checked each battery, and they vary from 12.3-13.3 after 2 hours of charging. The exception is one of the temp batteries I put in, a deep cycle from Wal-Mart that is at 15.5 volts. Should I be worried about this battery? BTW the bad batteries that I pulled out are also showing a 12.5 or so volt reading. I will forward this info to the deal to see what he says.
It is best to avoid charging a battery for extended periods above 15 volts except maybe during an equalize charge.

Try to run a load test on one of the bad batteries and you will see it can't put out but maybe a volt under any load. those batteries have blown interconnects or plate material blew, which on an AGM is fatal to the battery.

It is possible they were overcharged after sitting which can dry the plate then you get tons of heat and break connections or it is also possible they are just plain junk from the factory, extreme jarring can do that as well.

Good Luck

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