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Believe it or not, a $10 mini-handpump(small enough to fit on my bicycle seat post) will inflate a Festiva tire to 40 PSI within about 6 minutes or so. I'm not saying that the process won't turn your arms into nerveless wet noodles for the next hour, mind...

I also have one of the small 'cigarette-lighter' models-ran about $8 at a flea market, hasn't failed me yet. I can get 40 PSI in the Festiva-my usual fill-in about 4 minutes. My backup car ('89 Camry) needs about the same time for 35 PSI, then the pressure starts to equalize and I need another 3-4 minutes for that last 5 lbs. The pump weighs a whopping 2.5 lbs BTW.

For small and large industrial-type compressors, may I recommend local pawn shops and flea markets? I can't go to those places without tripping over the 'effin things! I've seen prices as low as $25 on some of the decent ones, and as low as $10 for the 'needs TLC' used models...
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