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Finally got myself an ecomodder account. I started following this thread somewhere mid page 150 (but went back and "read" the rest) I found you through a link posted a while back on diyelectriccar. I gotta say congratulations Paul on the progress so far.

anyways, as my build begins to approach, I have a few questions to see if your controller could work (summer '10) I am considering this controller and the zilla 1k lv. You mentioned way back that there would eventually be a more powerful version of this controller, and on the last page, you made it seem as if it were just scalable. Anyways, I was sort of looking for a controller that could handle 1000amps with not to much fuss (few seconds. It would be watercooled as well) No need for extreme voltages just 144v.

I know its hard to compare these 2 controllers, but I have high hopes for it. cant wait to see what you manage to accomplish in the next few months.
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