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Originally Posted by Cd View Post

Joking aside, I was wondering what you intend to do about the areas directly behind the cab*, and other areas, such as the void above the plate on the trailer.

I'd like to see some pictures of those gap fillers back on. I'm interested in seeing a picture of how they work when you turn a sharp corner,

Also, do you plan to make extentions behind the trailer wheels ? It looks like the bottom of the trailer could use a bellypan as well - I see some low hanging grapes down there.

Where did you find your 'mini moons' ?

* I know this had been brought up before, but I thought you fixed it already.
The driver's side cab fairing is still in my head and is included in the plan for the December trip.Also a side window and rear window and cut away for the 3rd brake light.------------------------ The gap-fillers are in flux and await completion of the trailer face to progress to the next phase.The facets of the trailer face are what the rollers of the gap-fillers interact with to swing the panels during turns.The upper and lower panels interact with the trailer and side panels to displace over railroad crossings/driveway ramps etc..--------------------- The trailer wheels get fore and aft fairings,as do the leaf spring/shackles and square tube axle; seven fairings in all.--------------------------- The trailer gets a full aluminum bellypan.I picked up the last piece of aluminum sheet on the way to Copy-Pro.I've spent the last two days underneath the beast and lack center-most 32-by- 36-inch section to complete belly,and about a half day's work to integrate the wheel houses for an airtight bottom.---------------------- The mini-MOONs are either cut down from real MOON covers,or fiberglass facsimiles laid up on the back side of the covers.I will be using 1/8-inch Allen socket-head machine screws,screwed directly into the rims which are drilled and tapped.------------------------ As to the void above the license plate,it will remain,will provide for ventilation when camping and there is a hand grab at the very top for maneuvering while separated from the truck.This whole chopped area constitutes 5%( 1.4-square feet ) of the original frontal area of the truck,and according to R&D conducted by Dornier Aircraft and Arado Aircraft,this area will be enveloped in a "phantom" tail,as referred to by Dr.Kamm and Dr. Korff,and will offer only a negligible drag increase.This is one of those concessions we're forced to make for a road vehicle with lights and tag.The upshot is that this is the entire wake area of the rig,for a 95% reduction,the key to drag elimination.-------------- I'll post photos as the thing evolves.Many hours of grinding/sanding/filling/primer/scratch-filling/guide-coat/and block-sanding to get ready for paint.------ A fella has agreed to do a non-toxic water based base-coat/clear-coat paint job here at the house and I get a lesson in HVLP spraying,something I've never done.
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