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The thing I find amazing is how many people have an outright hatred of ethanol...

I use it all the time, it kicks ass, and I think it would be both economically and functionally successful if people would embrace it as a bridge away from petroleum rather than just being negative about it all the time. Has anyone considered that maybe ethanol has been struggling to gain economic viability because few stations sell it, few everyday, non-"ecomodder" consumers currently driving flex fuel vehicles know even what that means (let alone where to buy E85), and half the people who do know what it means have a vicious, unexplainable bias against it?

Reminds me of all the conservative pro-lifers against universal health care. "save the fetus and then let it die once it's breathing"... "save me from dwindling petroleum resources and environmental pollution but I'm going to fight the most realistic bridge toward progress we have"
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