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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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this is free , SpeedTracer graphing software.
it graphs more than fuel economy

but you need to buy AutoEnginuity software to get it .
AutoEnginuity is worth the price though , available as generic or there are enhanced packages for many makes , or Pro Line covers all the available makes and models that are covered .

enhanced versions of AutoEnginuity are way beyond the generic versions and way beyond most of the OBD2 software that is out there.
Mode 6 is well defined for most application and all mode 6 test results fit on one or two pages depending on the system

ATS Escan software will have fuel economy graphing in a later release
for now Escan does a real good job graphing
fuel trim , volumetric efficiency , coolant map , cat converter relative efficiency and Mode 5 and 6
unlike AutoEnginuity
ATS Escan software is OBD2 generic only

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