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I didn't read Evilution before removing the mirror but I worked it out just how it's written; two torx screws to split it apart and two more that hold the main mirror part on. I've not split the mirror from the base, just left it open (it's not raining today). It's definitely not waterproof at the moment! One thing I've noticed from driving to work today is that I use my passenger side wing mirror a lot. I'll need to replace it with something. I'll have a fiddle in the garage later and take some photos.

The wind deflectors and wing mirror have resulted in a massive decrease in wind noise. It's very noticable, especially at high speed. I've not had the roof down to check the difference in buffeting yet.

I may remove my passenger wiper in a minute - it's pretty useless anyway!

I also checked the prices of steel wheels and wheel trims for the ForTwo. 3.5"x15" wheels are ~31+VAT and 4"x15" are ~35+VAT. I can get some clip-in wheel trims for 25 and a few minutes with a hacksaw, a sheet of ABS, a craft knife and some epoxy should get me some aero wheels.

I was looking at the side of the car last night and there's certainly room for manouvre by covering the vents up. Given that the body panels are all bolt-on, there's scope for building a more aerodynamic bodykit. I was thinking of using my current panels to mock up some rear arches that incorporate creased ttrailing edges and wheel covers. Then, I can get them off and use a vacuum former to make lightweight copies for peanuts and in seconds. I'm going to try out the vacuum forming idea with a panel at some point soon to see how it works in practice (weight/flexibility/price/finish).
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