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At least they're recessed, not further out. That can be fixed with some appropriate spacers. I'll get some wheels for the next set of tyres I fit. I'm getting close to needing a new set anyway. I checked my tyre pressures earlier and Mercedes had helpfully dropped them to 30psi at the last service and I'd not checked them in the intervening 6 weeks! I'm back up to 40psi now.

Coincidentally, my wife has just walked in the door with a nice new round steel tray from Ikea. 7. Some measuring will be going on later.

A puller will be useful, so I'll get one anyway. I bought some cheap wipers on Ebay and the passenger one is rubbish. The only thing it does is stop the arm scratching the screen - I won't miss it!

As far as the diffuser goes, my theory was that it'd minimise the size of the wake by reducing the vertical surface area of the rear. It's all guesswork at the moment. If nothing else, it'll finish off the undertray that stops before the engine. I have a spare carbon boot floor that's going on the Mini at some point and it almost got fitted to the underside of the Roadster this afternoon! I think a few sharp creases on the car may help its looks, especially if I can combine them with smaller wheel arch bulges. One thing I learned today was how simple it is to mould Perspex with a little heat from the oven.

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