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Originally Posted by vpoppv View Post
I think JasonG realized the weakest battery (or cell in that battery) is the Ah capacity of the pack; I was the one being optimistic that my weakest battery will deliver 75 Ah. Now, I was thinking about buying a load tester, but there is something wrong with that sentence: the word "buy". I've already spent a couple HUNDRED dollars on this, and I am WAY over budget, as NONE of the ICE parts have sold as I was expecting. My depression level on this project is peaking, but now I am out so much money, that I really can't afford to spend, so that I pretty much HAVE to finish. Anyway, my "load tester" is my daily commute car. I have been systematically using each battery in my pack to get to school every day since I got them. So far, so good. But I will say this: if I don't get 6 good batteries out of the eight, this project is finished....
Arrgh. Sorry I missed the point. Carry on.
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