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1st post

I have been doing a bunch of reading here lately and have enjoyed the good info and the emphasis on gathering good data to base assumptions on.

Right now I live way out (400+ statute miles to the road system) in the middle of western AK, lots of cars out here but no road to get here (all of everything is flown or barged including fuel) our car gas is just shy of 5usd and AVgas is in the high sixes. We will be moving into town here in the next few months and I will likely start a 45 mile commute depending on the direction my work takes in the next while.

In town I have a 95 civic DX that will be my commuter and a Suzuki Samurai (my daily driver out here but we will ship it back in). In addition to that we (wife and I) have an older cessna that we use to get around the state.

Future mods for me will be some LRR tires, light aero, and instrumentation for the Civic.

The Suzuki will be getting a rebuild sooner or later (that 1.3l has to work hard to make that thing keep up) and I am thinking about switching to an aircraft carburetor for it and would like to see what running LOP (lean of peak) can do for it's mileage. Being a pilot I do a lot of adjusting the mixture for cruse flight and Don't see much difference in a ground crawler.

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