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Hi All,

Doing some research on IGBT controllers I found the “Kilovac Controller”. It was used on a 3 – wheeled EV called the Sparrow. The company has since gone out of business, but info on the Kilovac controller is still available. The “Kilovac” uses low side PWM switching of the IGBT’s, same as the ReVolt’s Mosfet switching.

I have attached a link to the Kilovac schematic:

I found it interesting that the Kilovac uses a SOT-227 IGBT package, I am working on a Power PCB design that also uses SOT-227 for the Mosfet packages. My proposed Power PCB design is similar to Adam Brunette “Sandwich Power PCB contruction”. The Mosfet’s are attached directly to the heatsink, with bussbars, driver PCB, and ReVolt controller PCB above them. The old DCP “Raptor” controller uses that same construction technique.

- Mark
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