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Originally Posted by jackbauer View Post
Is the circuit setup for a linear or a log pot? I seem to have only a very small are of movement between zero and full throttle with a linear pot.
It's set up for linear 5k POT. But also set up so that there will be smooth acceleration with a 9" diameter motor assuming 144v, and full 500amps (or thereabouts). It's really not the right software for practicing with a small motor at very low currents (low compared to 500 amps) and low voltages (less than maybe 72v or so).

I have no idea why it was behaving like it was in the video. I actually found this software to be completely unusable on my desktop with the oscilloscope. It acted so weird, that I didn't even bother to try to figure out what was going on. I just drove with it. hehe.

Maybe I should mail you 2 new ATMEGA8s: one where throttle is only proportional to current, and one where throttle is only proportional to pwmDuty. You are doing some awesome stuff, and I think you need some different software for the bench testing. Actually, it would be even better if you could somehow get an AVRISP make 2.

And it doesn't matter if you have never programmed before. If you were able to get that, everything else is free. All the software and development environment, etc... It would just be a matter of putting the .HEX file onto the chip. Maybe that could be a more long-term solution. I just need to mail you a couple more chips for now, but it took forever last time to get to you. Man! Ireland is far away! And I don't get paid until the 10th! Dang it!

IS THERE ANYONE NEAR IRELAND RIGHT NOW READING THIS THAT HAS THE TOOLS TO PROGRAM AN ATMEGA8 THAT CAN MAIL HIM A PROGRAMMER????????????????????? Or that could reprogram the chip and mail it back to him much quicker than I could?

I think your approach has so much potential for SO MANY DIY'ers, who may not have the tools and such for assembling a mosfet based kit. We have to see this to completion!!!!! before it's too late! What do we have now, like 22 hours or something?!
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