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The $500 Electric Car
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I spent a bunch of time today cutting metal. No real reason. Just needed to cut metal. Broke 2 blades. The idea was to make battery racks. I sorta kinda had some thoughts here and there about how I would do it. In any case, I cut open a perfectly good gas tank. Maybe it was my conscience trying to guarantee I wouldn't reverse course and convert it back to gas again. I can't for the life of me figure out how Ben Nelson got 2 batteries in the front. When I put a battery in there, it's all slanted, leaning, and touching the adapter plate. Maybe the different body styles (mine's a 94, his is a 95) makes a difference. So the plan originally was 4 up front, 2 where the gas tank was. No way. Then I thought 4 where the gas tank was and 2 up front. Not a chance. Then I thought 4 in the spare tire well, 2 up front. Sorta, maybe kinda might work....but not really. Then I thought 2 up front, 2 where the gas tank was, and 2 in the spare tire well. Now I'm thinking I can't get 2 up front. The gas tank, it turns out, has a big indentation in the highest spot, which wont allow a 2nd battery there. The wheel well can work, but it will be a lot of work. Maybe I could run it 12v for a while, because I am only sure about 1 battery in 1 place, the other 5 are up in the air (I have been agonizing over this for like 2 weeks). I think maybe I'll just stick them all in the trunk for now and just wire it all up and see if it goes, then sort through all the other stuff later. For that, I need a contactor. I'm leaning towards a Kilovac. It's crazy expensive though: $63.99. I wish I could sell a kidney....
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