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Honda C70 Passport Electric Conversion


My name is Ted. I live in Vancouver, BC. My girlfriend and I are the somewhat recent owners of two Honda C70 Passports.

I'm gonna say that they rock. Hard.

In fact, they rock so hard that I want another. However, with this one I would like to convert it to an EV.

The bike's absolute furthest trip would be 8 mile round trip, though it's unlikely to ever even take that trip. The gas bikes are more likely to take those trips. The daily commute for this bike would be 3 miles round trip. Commutes to semi-frequent locations would be 7.5 miles round trip with power available at each destination. 35 miles an hour is as fast I would ever need to go.

This bike is not intended to be the workhorse of the three, simply icing on the cake. Also, any parts removed from the bike could be used as replacement parts for the other bikes. The project would also give me the experience necessary to deal with any future issues with the other bikes. Each facet of the project will be of some benefit.

I've seen electric scooters, and a converted electric Vespa. I'm looking to build the equivalent of any 49cc bike, of which I've seen electric versions. I simply want one that looks like a passport.

I would like to know if anyone has some advice. What kind of motors should I be looking for? What are the best kind of batteries for this project? What kind of cutting or welding experience would I need? Are there any factors I'm overlooking?

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