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Angry "The Volt" May BE SCRAPPED!- NEVER BUILT!!

GM admits Volt doubts -

Chevy Volt nabs shaky 230 MPG rating, might not ship in 2010

Video of CNN reporter asking questions AND test driving a Volt:
Chevrolet Volt's official fuel economy: 230 mpg - Aug. 11, 2009

It seems just like the same OLD GM that we were told got buried this year. Can anyone explain to me why on earth ANY car company would run around the internet with various Volt dedicated sites, and post videos on You Tube and video on TV, press statements and yet they have taken grant money for years (not counting the large low interest loan- bailout!) to let everyone in the world know and understand the full logic behind the 2011 "'Volt"? Why not just send all blueprints and schematics straight to Japan and China? Have they ever thought of even TRYING to surprise the market place by bringing a car out much earlier than planed? It turns out the Volt's head engineer guy over the Battery and other important parts just quit to start up his own company- They say the government control put a cap on his salary so he left to make much more $$ in the private sector.

And NOW GM tells us The Volt, well can you guess? After all of these YEARS and months of hyping "the car that will turn GM around" and pegging a date of Mid-2010 for dealers to get the car, just guess what happen on their way to work today!?? AH, THE VOLT? Oh yeah that one.... Well, it seems we may not be getting the last grant we have applied for three times for and NOT received any reply yet, and our best Hybrid Expert just quit, so The Volt May NOT COME OUT IN 2010. And, can you just imagine this: It seems their TOP SECRET CAR gave the competition some ideas!

In fact, GM has already stated that they have information that the competition is well on their way to getting an even superior car out based on the fundamentals that GM has shown the world off as The Volt. And THAT means, THE VOLT MAY NEVER EVER BE VIABLE FOR CUSTOMERS TO BUY! And if it was to ever be fore sale it might 2011 or later. But, based on what their latest statements say, the competition has a better car that likely could come out before The Volt was supposed to original hit the market, at a rumored $40,000 car that would be selling BELOW what it cost for GM in hopes future generations would cost less to build.

It is at times like this I get tired of sticking up for GM. They do stupid stuff. I bet if Toyota had a hot selling car in mind that they would not be seen ridding around in it for a couple years as they tweak the little bugs out of the car. Why can not GM get anything right? So far I love my Chevy, but over all they keep cutting their own throats. The Volt was the sole car that they claimed themselves would be the one to turn GM back into a real lean mean fighting machine. AND NOW WERE TOLD THE COMPETITION (AH ha ha - A funny thing happen..) MIGHT OF SOMEHOW CAUGHT WIND OF GM's NEW VOLT Hybrid (reverse Hybrid) and have been quietly building their OWN "VOLT" that will out perform the Chevy Volt.

OR, are we seeing the same thing that GM did in the 90s with their Electric car that everyone loved to drive and it hardly cost anything to drive, yet GM forced 99% of those cars to be crushed. They would not sell the car to anyone at any price. The EV1 is no more. Could we be seeing that all over? Could this car REALLY BE the 230 MPG car GM claims? It sure could shake up a few key industries. But, whom ever said they would do just like the did the EV1 electric car was spot on right!

As much as I defend GM, I mostly defend their union workers. I may NEVER understand GM'S MANAGEMENT. They take tons of tax payers money in many different ways and still do not produce a viable car. I wonder how long this CEO will last? I wonder how long they will stay in America? See, I figure GM could break-down all of their companies and sit up shop in China and they might even beat a few other car companies. Anything short of that it seems they will do anything to give themselves a long slow death. I know some here hate GM for actions of the past, but I now have issues with today's GM. If they fail to bring The Volt to market that will mean they took not only the bailout-low interest loan, but they also took buhoos of Federal Grant Money to make The Volt, which as of now they tell us the competition could likely beat their target day and the Volt will not be able to compete with whatever it is they got wind of from their competition. Shucks it might even be Ford.-

Great job GM! Can ya please screw up another one on the Federal dime? GM, why did you not figure on the competition not standing still while you go from up to 5 years from paper to the production line? Are these empty threats? How long were you going to wait until you expected the nice folks in Japan to take your Volt idea and build upon it? Or even Ford perhaps?

My uncle and my father put in 30 years in their plants. My dad timed it perfectly. My uncle was laid off a lot, but he finally managed to get his time in, just in time to have most of his retirement slashed, along with his health care all because GM's managers can not seem to be able to see the obvious, and the worse part of it, I AM A CHEVY FAN! I WANT GM TO WIN. But what can I say when they get a large low interest loan (bail-out) which gives the Government control over GM (which has many in the UAW VERY upset with OUR PRESIDENT, can ya believe that?? but gee it could be so much worse for them!) and the one car they have hyped forever has been put together with FEDERAL GRANT $$ and now that they do not seem to be getting their last planned GRANT, they tell us the car may never make it to market, and by the way- the competition just might be working on an even better car based on our ideas and get it to market well before us. Is that not just FUNNY? Awe the humor... good ole hysterical crazy laughing humor!

GM admits Volt doubts -

Chevy Volt nabs shaky 230 MPG rating, might not ship in 2010

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