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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I like your design as it allows you to check/add air to the tires easily.

I tried full skirts and getting access to the tire stem was one thing I hated about them.

Mine didn't improve fe either, that I could tell.
Yes, it does allow some extra tire to expose the valve for regular pressure checks.
I also am concerned about the potential for non existent FE gains. I'll make up the second skirt with reinforcing ribs for the outward bulge. But i'll just duct tape them on or maybe do up some quick and easy clips for testing. If i get nothing then maybe i'll do some tweaking. If there's still no gains there then i'll not go any further.

Cd; yes, i'll radius the lower edge. Will look much better.

I'm having a few days off work now so i can get busy. My regular commute will restart next weekend so no definite no's till then. I noticed that i have a good few miles on the current engine oil and am not far off an oil change. Combined with the recent drop in temps and i'm going to have to factor that in.

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