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Originally Posted by meanjoe75fan View Post
Reading that source you provided, it sounds like GM is basically throwing a temper tantrum in order to get more government money. Insted of, "...or I'll hold my breath 'till I turn blue!" it's, "...or I won't produce your precious hybrid! So there!"

I would be very doubtful if GM followed through on that: first off, the amount of "face" they'd lose would be STAGGERING; second, they need that 230 MPG to give them enough CAFE "wiggle room" to put out high-margin SUVs.

Write it down: this is a negotiating ploy to get more government funding. The Volt *will* come out, hell or high water.
I agree with your evaluation.

But you know what? I'm sick of this dinosaur company sucking away my tax dollars. Pardon my language, but screw 'em. If they still can't survive without EVEN MORE of our tax dollars, then they shouldn't survive, period. Let them sell off the technology and production centers to a viable company that will actually use them efficiently.

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