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Thanks for the rundown metroschultz.

I know its considered bad policy, especially trying to sell a blown head gasket car with a quick fix. Thats NOT what I'm trying to do.

For getting home its worth trying. And, I have had cars go for years after a treatment. Seepage may be stopped and full failure can be prevented.

Once I even had combustion gases entering the water. Car was boiling at the cap, usually a fault that wont respond to an additive. After flushing and a product I cant rememeber the car ran good again for 5 months. Girlfriend got a super cheap car for 5 months. It finally died again and we gingerly got it back home and parted it out.

Thats an extreme head gasket failure. But there are many lesser degrees, that can benefit from treatments for a fixed period of time. But then hey, all other components are on a fixed lifespan too.

Your only a bad ass if you sell it without telling buyers and ask too much in respect of the dodgy head gasket. The temptation would be strong for many sellers, but thats THEIR karma and not the act of a temporary fix. Its like saying guns kill people, rather than the person on the trigger.

I suppose in real terms if you sell the car cheap with a treated blown headgasket, and the buyer might on sell it for more WITHOUT mentioning the fault.

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