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Ben, thanks for the pics and explanations!! I'm definitely going to weld in some form of rack in the front. All my batteries are group 27 except the WalMart one that's a 29. Well, one spare is a smaller one, but I don't plan to use it. Here's what I have to work with as far as angle iron (the crib both my kids used):

I completely demolished my gas tank, and it doesn't look like it will work anyway:

I did seem to make a perfect rack for 3 batteries by incredible luck, but have yet to find a place for it:

And the backseat on the 94 is kind of different than the 95 ( I think it has a bigger "hump" in the front, and none in the center. I have a 96 backseat in my 90, and it fits, but awkwardly):

Since I am so doubtful I can get this thing on the road, I have decided to just stick all 6 in the trunk and make sure it runs before I spend another second on battery placement. On a side note, I was quite pleased to find out that 2/0 welding cable is only $1.61/foot...
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