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I want to make a portable smoke generator

I like how well smoke trails work for visualizing air flow in wind tunnels. Why not do the same thing on a moving car?

(note: the above is not a rhetorical question--if there's some reason it won't work I'd sure like to hear it)

How do smoke generators generate smoke, exactly? Are they available off the shelf...and if so, where are the shelves? Like most ecomodders I'd be happy to make my own (if I knew how) to save a few bucks, but if they're available from Crazy Eddie's Aerodynamic Emporium, factory seconds for $39.95, I'll just buy one.

The idea is, fix the wand to the car, drive with a chase car alongside, turn on the smoke generator, have a passenger in the chase car take pix and vids, mount the wand somewhere else and repeat as needed. Technical advice/assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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