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The $500 Electric Car
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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
If you put all the batts in the trunk, you will NEED to boost the rear suspension.

I was pretty happy with chopping down some Ford Ranger front coil springs to fit in the back of the Metro.

It's cheap and works fine. The only down-side is that it's not really adjustable for if you want to play around with changing the number of batteries you have in the back.
Wellllll....You're right of course, but I wasn't planning on any permanence with that setup. Just long enough to blow up my motor, or take it down the street, whichever comes first. Actually, if it runs 2 feet on battery power I will be surprised. And I DID have all 8 batteries in the trunk (will only use 6 in my conversion) PLUS full tank of gas, 3 passengers in addition to my fat butt, stopped for a bunch of groceries at Wal-Mart, and drove home in a same year Metro when I picked the batteries up the next town over (30 miles away) without a hiccup. But then, that's nothing for me since I towed my 90 Geo Metro from Kansas to Oklahoma with another Geo (94 Metro). 3 cylinders will never cease to amaze me.....
On another note, you mentioned that you leave the power off your car when not in use, and connect it before you start. What form is that? An Anderson connector?
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