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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
Yeah, when I have the car parked for any significant amount of time, or while charging, I have a big Anderson disconnect that I unplug.

It's right between the most positive battery and the controller, so it kills all the power. It's handy to have for working on the batteries, knowing that all the power is killed.

It's a 350 amp connector, the biggest one that I have found in common usage. I still am toying with the idea of rigging the car so that pressing the clutch pedal pops open the Anderson connector.

It would work as both an emergency disconnect AND an anti-theft device!

The last photo in post #114 shows the Anderson connectors in the bottom left corner, show disconnected. I usually work on the car with those unplugged!

I've got a couple more questions for ya!

1) Just how hard is it, physically, to pull apart the Anderson connector? i.e. could I connect it to the hood release latch and have enough force to pull it apart?
2) On the curtis controller, pin 2 and 3 are the pot box ohm wires, and 1 is the pot box microswitch. Do you have the microswitch connected there, or simply ignition power?
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