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Nissan's Land Glider: narrow car design w/ tilt handling.

Here's another narrow car concept from Nissan. The Land Glider concept addresses the inherent handling concerns of narrow tracked vehicles by adding ala-Carver trike tilt handling to its capabilities. The tilting wheeler concepts had been seen mostly in trike designs but the Land Glider keeps all four wheels on the road for more equally divided tire contact for traction & control. The steering-by-wire & power-assisted leaning also keeps the all important center of gravity centered in between the tire patch contacts for optimum low & high speed maneuverability. The rear in-wheel electric motors are powered by lithium-polymer batteries mounted on the floor. It even has full body sensors car-robotics geared for active lane clearance space & crash avoidance. Like to see that in all models.

Nissan's Land Glider concept is a strange but effective mode of personal transportation | Up to Speed | Los Angeles Times

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