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I like the data streaming feature very much. Wouldn't take much to put together a vb program that would run on windows and allow changes via radio buttons etc.

I'm aiming the igbt setup to be flexible in terms of power capacity. 1000amps at 300v is possible at least in theory. Busy with work but will start doing some research on the gate drive. My 1600v 800amp igbts should be in from Germany next week. I'll be using a 12mm thick aluminium plate as the heatsink and initially one device as the switch as one as the freewheel diode. Later i'll order two more devices and use 2 as the switch and two as the freewheel. With water cooling that should mean anything up to 1000amps. I'll have to look at an upgrade on the lem to handle this range. I think some form of snubbing will be necessary at such currents.
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