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I love the foil face foam. I'd love to use something like that in the Prius. With as much as it drives around with the engine off, coolant temps can plummet very fast.
Do it!

As a Phoenix resident, who rode his bicycle to work today in 501's and a T-shirt... I would like to just say you northern folks are crazy.
We are crazy. It's snowing as I type! I don't like winter anymore. I need to get outta here.

I just walled off my living room with foil-backed foam board, and it says right on the board that it's combustible. It melts at 240C, ignites at 350C, and evolves toxic fumes. Cardboard ignites around 230C.

I like it, just make sure there's zero chance of it contacting the exhaust.
Ain't no hot bits on top; ain't no blankie hanging down.

And I love the quart of oil under the hood. Every engine bay should come with a cupholder for a bottle of oil.
L O L ! You noticed my invention! I've custom fabbed 'em for all my stuff. You should see what's concealed under the foam!

That was going to be my question too. Wouldn't driving with it on be...hazardous at best, and at worst a car fire?
I've had these for 10 years now and nothing has spontaneously combusted yet. Although I hear that happens to people now and again.

put a dollar bill over the back of your hand tightly, then light a match and let it sit there.
No way am I risking a dollar bill on that Man! I'ms too cheap.

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