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A bunch of us were on a dive boat down in the Bahamas for a week and there was a copy of a that months Scuba Diving Magazine sitting on on the table.

"Let me make it clear there is a "Scuba Diving Magazine" and I'm not sure since this was over twenty years ago if it was THIS magazine. It was magazine that was about scuba diving."

We got talking about one of the dive operations that was featured in that months issue. One of the guys running the trip popped up and said that dive operation paid between $15-$25K for that article. He said they had been approached a few times for a feature article and it always came with a pretty hefty price tag. I understand with the Ski magazines this is standard operation procedures with almost every article in the magazine.

I'd bet K&N paid a pretty large advertising fee for that featured piece on their air filter.
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