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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Due to having the most blogs, I'm thinking Mr. Williams or Ms. Spiering to be senior editors and thus the point men for yelling at.

And Bob, I now think you were way too kind. It wasn't ignorance and/or sloppiness that caused them to not use the dyno; it was malicious intent to deceive.
Whether you're critiquing a scientific paper or a Truck Trend article, there's a right way to criticize: act as though you're addressing a room full of people that includes the author. Be civilized, and large accusations require lots of supporting evidence (which you have).

I wish more people would write letters to the editor, letters to the manufacturer, etc. T.T. would be a little more hesitant to run infomercials like this one if they knew some of us are diligent enough to catch them.
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