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Spoiler Dodge Stealth vs Mitsubishi 3000 GT

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Mitsubishi,who builds the Stealth is sold in Europe where it may find itself on the Autobahn.Some of the sections are posted unlimited speed,and a motorist could legally run flat out.My guess,is that the spoiler was designed for that kind of application (true downforce at true high speed) and just happened to enter the US market only because of the cost to delete it.
The Mitsubishi version (3000 GT) uses a more conventional spoiler location at the tail of the car compared to the one on the Dodge version (Stealth).
Link to the Mitsu 3000GT

Although I have always wondered about the true Aero implications of the one on the Dodge version.

Especially condsidering the reported effectivness of the double spoiler on the Merkur XR4Ti.
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