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Very interesting videos thanks for posting them both!

I was not very surprised at the SMART video because I have heard and seen it's reviews for safety and it's one of the big selling points for me (and the FE is nice too).

The first video really surprised me though. I wasn't sure which was actually going to win but I had a feeling the Renault was going to pull out ahead simply because the technology was far superior. I think that the reason why people still believe that larger car = more safety is because, in the past, that was probably true. Now, however, we have more then just one mass vs. another mass in an accident. There are airbags, pre-crash preparations that are made milliseconds before a crash should the car's computer notice heavy braking or other abnormal driving situations. All of these technologies combined with smarter thinking have allowed smaller, lighter cars to be just as safe as the bigger, heavier ones of the past.

Now...what I really want to see is an American version of that test and put something like a SMART fourtwo up against something it might hit here on US highways....A hummer!
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