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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I totally agree DPoV. I don't know anyone who bought a sub-compact that was worried about hitting another sub-compact. Everyones worried about being run over by a semi or other massive truck/SUV.
I think that is a legitimate worry. You would think they would outlaw massive SUV's simply because they are a blatant danger to the average automobile. If I drove around with massive steel spikes sticking out of the front and back of my car, waiting to impale any "idiot" that ran into me, I'm sure that would be illegal...but if I disguise a lead brick as an SUV that would be perfectly fine.

They should probably create a different licensing system for vehicles over a certain gross weight. I mean, you need to be speially licensed to drive a semi because they are dangerous. Lets require large SUV drivers to get a license that is much tougher to acquire than a traditional license. Hell, lets make getting a license tougher altogether. This pass once and your free system seems a little too relaxed.

This is an aside, but I always notice that the most reckless drivers on the freeway are company car, fullsize trucks. I suppose gas, insurance, and the car are cheap because they are a business expense. It seems controlling the wallet is the easiest way to encourage good driving. Go high gas prices! if only I wasn't so broke...
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