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Chris D. -

Originally Posted by Chris D. View Post
I was curious if anyones ever logged any #'s for windows down and when it really starts to effect FE?

I have vent visors on my truck and when on the freeway I have the cool air vent on (no fan) using the cowls pressure to push air into the cab..

I also have my windows cracked slightly in addition to the vent visors..
Here are the visors..

Not my truck, but same exact design..
I orignally bought them because I like a bit of breeze when driving and I dont like getting wet when raining..

Ya think these are helping things a bit vs not having them with just the window cracked open?

I'd just like to hear some opinions or data..
That's why I got them too. My Saturn was good at getting me wet on rainy days, but I liked the window open so that I could manage my window fogging up. I think they are a good compromise because they allow me to postpone the use of AC as long as possible in the summer. In the Good 'Ol Dayz, I used to drive with the windows down all the way on the freeway, but depending on my speed, I may have them open for that one inch that is covered by the vent visor, on up to 4 inches unless I am below "aerodynamic speeds", aka a traffic jam.

I should do a side window tuft test to see what happens when the window is all the way up. I could do it with and without the vent visors. I would cover the top half with tufts so that I can lower the window half way.


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