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extragoode -

Welcome to EM! What's your price point? The SG is around $150.

If you want to go hardcore, then I would do a lot of research into a tuner gizmo like this :

Apexi AFC NEO-FUEL "Piggy-Back" Color Display Air Flow Converter Computer - $370

- Compact "Piggy-Back" Fuel Management Computer (+50% ~ -50%). - Unit incorporates both the SAFC and the VAFC. - NEW "Easy" (8-Point) & "Pro" (16 Point) Modes. - NEW Color FED Display & Interchangeable Button and Background Colors. - Inverting "anti-glare" screen allowing view from both angles. Monitor Mode: - RPM, Throttle, Battery Voltage, Correction %, Air Flow %, Pressure (Kpa), Karmann, VTEC Setting Mode: Air Map, Air Map Graph, Throttle Point, Deceleration Air, VTEC Control, VTEC Unmatch Etc. Mode: MOdel Select, Mode Select, Sensor Select, Analog Select, Warning Set, Display Set, Sensor Check
Hrmmmmm, I don't see MPG in the list above, maybe not so good, .

It's also a lot of upfront cost and that's NOT including installation, which would be more than the super simple "plug it in" ScanGauge. But, I think it could end up giving you more flexibility in the long run.


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