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Understanding and setting up the MPGunio

OK Love the MPGunio, so much I have ordered four…

But I am going cross eyed and nuts trying to figure it out.

Sorry but I have read a bunch of threads and the pages on MPGuino - EcoModder

But as I have worked though some of the old threads I find what I just read to be old news, like the pre-loader that is no more…wasted my time there...

So I am asking for a break down on the now current system.

Here is one that is nuts, I am told my Ford uses 8000 pulses per mile but when I input that into the MPGunio I get readings about twice as fast that the speedo…But cut them to 4000 and it is even farther off.....????

On wiki it said to correct the miles driven, but what there is only the pulses per mile screen, so I am at a lost how to correct the miles driven, did I miss a screen?? (The Zemco supplely let you correct its read out, drive 100 miles and if it said something else you just input the corrected miles driven and it was now programmed.)

And I am still trying to get the microsec/gal setting right…. (I fear that some of the other settings have to be right for this to work, right??)

And there are all the other screens in set up, please tell me what I should do with:

Pulses/2 revs
(I have a Ford that fires each injector for its cylinder, a sequencer system so it should be 1 injector per rev, right?? And say 2 or 4 for my Chevy TBI?? Or what)

Timeout/microsec… Back light goes off, readouts stay on??

Tank Gal, (still not used?)

Injector delay US (What is default and what would you suggests on my cars?? Oh I have a 91 Toyota too)

Weight (LBS) (used/not used?)

Scratchpad…(what is this)

VSS Delay (Default…? Suggestion settings please..)

Injtrg -0 DN 1-UP?? (What is this: dn on dropping wave or up for rising wave from??, Or leading or following edge?? Does it matter?? Suggestions??)

Thanks for a great little unit.. sorry to bust your chops but I really need the up to date data to set this up to work on three cars…

I felt these answers were on such a need by others I put this on the site.



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