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The main things you need to worry about are VSS and usec/gallon. If you can't get it pretty well calibrated by just those, then you can start messing with the other stuff.

Pulses/2 revs
-Default is 3, I wouldn't change it unless you can't calibrate the miles driven by just the VSS

Timeout/microsec… Back light goes off, readouts stay on??
-Yes, the readout stays on all the time. If the power is turned off to the MPGuino, it loses its' current and tank data, but will keep the usec and VSS settings. The current draw is very low on the MPGuino with the backlight off, but if the car is sitting for a week or so, I would disconnect it.

Tank Gal, (still not used?)
-Yes, still not used, as far as I know. It wouldn't be too hard to program in a function that implements it on the larger Atmega chips.

Injector delay US (What is default and what would you suggests on my cars?? Oh I have a 91 Toyota too)
-Default is 500, I would keep it at that unless you have some other problems with the gallons readout.

Weight (LBS) (used/not used?)
-Not used, could be used in the future for force calculations

Scratchpad…(what is this)
-Just something to note mileage, or some other number. It's not used, don't worry about it.

VSS Delay (Default…? Suggestion settings please..)
-Default is 2, again, I wouldn't mess with it unless you can't get the miles calibrated by just the VSS.

Injtrg -0 DN 1-UP?? (What is this: dn on dropping wave or up for rising wave from??, Or leading or following edge?? Does it matter?? Suggestions??)
-No idea.
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