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Lazarus -

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Carlos Nice job. What are your driving impression with it? Also what are the deflectors for?
They work, but they wobble a bit at freeway speeds. I think it is because the bicycle mirror stock is not designed for the higher MPH. Once the triangular cover is solid, I may beef it up and/or experiment with other mirrors at my leisure, .

In terms of impression, during the day it is fine. At night I am still getting used to it. But, here is my ace in the hole :

1970's style Convex Mirror from JC Whitney

As you can see, I can see it all coming :

ZERO Blind Spots

The deflectors were already in place before I became an Ecomodder :

When does having your windows down start to effect your mileage? Reply to Thread
Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Chris D. -

That's why I got them too. My Saturn was good at getting me wet on rainy days, but I liked the window open so that I could manage my window fogging up. I think they are a good compromise because they allow me to postpone the use of AC as long as possible in the summer. In the Good 'Ol Dayz, I used to drive with the windows down all the way on the freeway, but depending on my speed, I may have them open for that one inch that is covered by the vent visor, on up to 4 inches unless I am below "aerodynamic speeds", aka a traffic jam.



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