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Well, after much letter writing to everyone at Miles, I was able to get 6 new batteries and a new charger. I guess making the CEO of the company aware of how his company is mistreating a customer pays off . Anyway, I will be recycling the 3 batteries that blew, but the other 3 appear to be OK, but maybe could be desulfated. All three that blew had a 10/2006 date, while the others are in the middle of 2007 range. I thought about sticking these on eBay but if you are interested in some of them let me know!

BTW, the car runs much better now than it did before I had the battery issue. With field reduction it goes 35-40, and the range is more than enough, as the most I will drive is 8-12 miles round trip. Now if I can just get it to go 45-50 I can would be happy.....
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