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Well, first I'd like to clarify that the ScanGauge is on the Terracan - not the Getz. Will have to get back about that little sipper, once the ScanGauge goes there.

I think manufacturers' ideal numbers are the same no matter the market: Optimize gear ratios to make best compromise for the car in question. Don't think they change it much between US and Europe. Used to have a Suzuki 4x4 2.0 diesel that was optimized pretty accurately: By going from 235/60 to 255/65 tires the consumption went 20% up.

The Terracan is actually built on the Mitsubishi Grand Pajero frame & platform, updated with Hyundai's own engine bolted to a Borg Warner 4 speed tranny. The box shifts for the last time at approx. 65 km/h (unless load tells it not to) and almost immediately after that locks the converter - at least at low loads. Hitting the pedal or keeping a high acceleration will cause the lock to wait, and the faster the car goes, the more 'soft & sliding' the locking. I can feel and hear rpm drop at lockup - and it shows clearly on the ScanGauge MPG readout as it improves instantly. When locked the rpm and speed relation becomes linear, also telling that there's no slip.

Just made another test run (2x30 miles, freeway out, minor roads home) and it seems to read varying mpg as expected while keeping the impressive figures at high speed. Nice, ofcourse, but still on the edge of believable.

Doing extended cruising at 130 isn't easy around here as speed limits are 110 or less except on certain freeways (130).
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