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Originally Posted by ECONORAM View Post
I have been slowly working on this almost since I bought my truck. I dug up several websites about pickup truck aerodynamics and improvements. Here are a few:
A Truck That Drinks Less Than a Car? | Popular Science
Improving Aerodynamics to Boost Fuel Economy -- Tech Tidbits - Tech Tidbits September 2004 (9/2004)

I also took a close look at a RAM SRT10 about 2 years ago. Some of the interesting things are the front air dam/bumper cover/splitter, the full tonneau cover w/integrated spoiler (said to improve airflow), lowered 2 inches to cut aero drag, and I noticed the air conditioner condensor and the radiator are inline, not side by side like other RAMs. There is about a six inch space on the driver's side of the radiator that is covered with a piece of black plastic, to cut drag through the grille.
I looked at my wife's 08 Avenger and discovered it has a full belly panel under the engine bay. I have been working toward several of these mods since I got back from Iraq. I will see if I can add the pix to my gallery or garage...
My truck will get over 23 mpg on the highway at 65mph now. I am aiming for 30...

[edit] I also need to ask if there is a how to for measuring Cd via coast down?
I'll let others help you with the coastdown stuff but wanted to share another back door to Cd.
For 55 mph and 70 mph,a 10% drag reduction will net you a 5% and 6% mpg increase respectively.
So if you'd done a mod,and after comparing mpg to your baseline you showed a 5% improvement at a steady 55-mph,then you would have reduced your Cd by 10%.
This is a very easy way to determine your numbers.If you have the OBD-II Scan-Gauge or other instantaneous mpg display technology,you can get your results without having to burn a bunch of fuel.
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