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Originally Posted by stou0220 View Post
Well, after much letter writing to everyone at Miles, I was able to get 6 new batteries and a new charger. I guess making the CEO of the company aware of how his company is mistreating a customer pays off . Anyway, I will be recycling the 3 batteries that blew, but the other 3 appear to be OK, but maybe could be desulfated. All three that blew had a 10/2006 date, while the others are in the middle of 2007 range. I thought about sticking these on eBay but if you are interested in some of them let me know!

BTW, the car runs much better now than it did before I had the battery issue. With field reduction it goes 35-40, and the range is more than enough, as the most I will drive is 8-12 miles round trip. Now if I can just get it to go 45-50 I can would be happy.....
You would need to contact a dealer in Ohio if you want to go faster he has transmission parts that are needed to do that.

It is good that you got a full set from miles, make sure you take good care of them. Those batteries like an occasional Deep discharge down to about 11.5 volts followed by a full recharge but no further (that how they are revived after sitting) And NO you can't desulphate those batteries, I have tried and it does not work, makes them worse. You can only cycle them back and forth from approx 11.x volts back to full charge repeatedly at a high charge rate to bring them back.

In any event I am interested in your 3 batteries, that would work perfectly for me but sadly I live in Oshkosh, WI, my folks in Wausau Wisconsin. The shipping to get the batteries here likely would be too much.

The trouble with those batteries is if they are abused even once they go downhill and crash and burn as you observed, they are large and proprietary, shipping could easily be $100 each depending on how they get sent. Two of my original 4 that got abused slightly eventually crashed and burned all shorted out.

If we can figure a way of getting them from you to me using FOF's or folks on the board I would be willing to buy them at the current scrap value.

Not sure how we could ever work that out though. You might have to PM with a phone and see if anyone would be interested in slowly migrating your batteries up to me.

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