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Originally Posted by 3-Wheeler View Post
Hi Christopher,
All of the wood supports mounted to the car have been epoxied to keep the water out. The only weak area is were the wood screws hold the panels onto the car. Water can seep into those areas. Only time will tell how this holds up.

I do have a motorcycle fairing with 115,000 miles that is constructed in a similar manner and still looks good, but it is not mounted underneath a car body either. However, the fairing still gets rained on just like the car, since I typically ride it rain or shine when it's warmer, such as this summer when working on the smoothing panels.

Guess you'll find out how it'll fair until you run with it on 'til spring is back again.

I noticed too, with silverinsight2's mention of your Picasa web folder, there's more pictures there than were shown off here, showing yet additional fairings. LOTS of work went into this, and if you are getting your additional 7mpg, at least you've something tangible to show for it.

I'll have to look at my underbody pictures I took the summer before, and plot and scheme how I'll attach similar fairings. Fairings and living in the snow belt have kept a few of us a bit wary of going too aggressive with smoothing out down below -- because of concerns about snow and ice packing, or how it could pack more sand/salt crud used to melt it in on the underside where we'd prefer it not to be.

Please be sure to update how it performs after winter's through.
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