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Hey all,
i'll see if i can dig up the ini for you roadracer (if you still need it), but the laptop it was on decided to suicide, i think i have a backup somewhere.
Does anybody know which numbers to change in the formula to get MPG with the UK gallon (4.5 litres) as opposed to the us gallon (3.8 liters )?

Also, anybody have any info with how to get this to work with tunerstudio not just megatune?

edit - i think i answered my own question DOH!! why didnt i look into this properly sooner - it's this line:
"USgph = { CCpHr / 3785 " - you change the 3785 to 4546.

editē - spent a bit of time trying to figure out TunerStudio aswell, and answered my own question once again, got it to work in tunerstudio .
To get it to work with tunerstudio - just modify the mainController.ini file (exactly same format as megatune ini), located in this folder:
My Documents\TunerStudioProjects\{yourprojectname}\pr ojectCfg

More details with link to the ini is on this forum page (ms2 extra2):


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