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New Guy From NY

Hello everybody!

Some of you might recognize my name from TeamSwift. I have two '94 Geo Metro projects. One for MPH and the other for MPG. The MPG Metro is a Florida car with no rust. I got it for $150 with a ratty interior and flat black spray paint job. It's a base model 3-door hatchback with a manual trans. The first step is to fix the paint and interior.

Don't worry, the ridiculous wing is gone.

My planned Eco Mods are:
3.52 final drive
Higher compression and Singh grooves (only if I need to pull the head)
Cam and ignition timing advance
XFi cam (if I can find one cheap)
Synthetic/thinner fluids

Front air dam
Grill block
Weight reduction
Pass side mirror delete
GTi spoiler
Suspension lowering
Partial undertray

I'm not sure about wheel skirts/covers, boat tails, etc. I want to keep it subtle.
It has working A/C and it's staying. I've never had a car with A/C! Anybody know what the approximate MPG penalty is with the A/C off? How much does that extra belt drag down the engine?

Right now I'm driving a 1991 Honda Civic Wagon, getting about 38 MPG. No mods and not much Hypermiling technique either.

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