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The wiring bucket is getting a bit cramped. Good thing everything is labeled.
I've added a relay to the charger connector so that the charger is disconnected from the batteries once the ignition is switched on.

This prevents the charger from drawing power from the batteries, and it prevents it from getting confused about the charge state once the charger cord is plugged into a 110VAC outlet.
The charger isn't very sophisticated and isn't meant to be onboard, so I have to fool it into thinking I'm plugging and unplugging it.

I used a leftover brake lever and a toggle switch which I made a mounting bracket for. This lever will control the relays to switch the motors from parallel wiring to series.

And here are the relays and the resulting hairball of wires

The battery rack mounting holes have been moved so that there's enough space to install a larger front sprocket.

Left to do
1. Drill/cut new front sprocket
2. Finish reassembly
3. Testing
4. Adapt and install retractable cord reel in the empty slot of the battery rack
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