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Originally Posted by bbenny View Post
Hello Stou0220, Might be interested in the device(is it from Mark D. in Ohio?). I too have an 07 zx40s, which I think has the Chinese motor and controller. Just learning about my car. Were you able to upgrade the SPEED? ? ? Thanks, Don
If you want your top speed to go up several MPH just air your tires up to 50psi (or live dangerously and go to 60psi like I do)

Given that the tires on the miles are rated at 44psi at 120mph I would estimate your safe at 50psi at 30ish mph.

In regards to the device, field reduction will increase your speed but also draws more amps, I don't think he installed the device but I am curious if it was fully automatic (no button) or engaged once you got to a certain speed.

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