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You're right, I haven't installed the device. However, I have installed and driven a ZX40S with a field reduction device on it that a close friend of mine has that he also bought I think from the same guy (they look almost identical).

There is nothing to the device, no buttons or anything. It looks like a short PVC pipe with a wire sticking out of each end. You can see the pics on You bolt one end to D1 on the motor, and the other to D2. It took me 20 minutes installing it on my friends car. The difference in performance was substantial, as instead of going to 18MPH and dragging, it went to about 30 quickly before moving higher. We have a lot of hills, but on our flatest roads the car can go 35-40. Hill performance is better too but don't expect to go 35 up a steep hill!

If you are interested in buying the device, I will sell it a lot cheaper than what I paid for it just about a month ago. Some things have changed for me personally, and that same friend may take ownership of the car, at least partially. I will still work on it and drive it, but he would like to look for other ways to speed, like a bigger motor and/or replacement transmission.
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