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Originally Posted by stou0220 View Post
You're right, I haven't installed the device. However, I have installed and driven a ZX40S with a field reduction device on it that a close friend of mine has that he also bought I think from the same guy (they look almost identical).

There is nothing to the device, no buttons or anything.
It took me 20 minutes installing it on my friends car. The difference in performance was substantial, as instead of going to 18MPH and dragging, it went to about 30 quickly before moving higher. We have a lot of hills, but on our flatest roads the car can go 35-40. Hill performance is better too but don't expect to go 35 up a steep hill!
That is very strange indeed, on my car with field reduction my hill climbing ability is reduced, I still wonder if that device is always on or if it detects the motor volts and ramps up slowly as some of the electronic types do.

Right now many hills I can only climb going about 15mph, some as low as 12mph if they are steep and I don't get a running start.

My speed graaadddually increases from about 23mph up to 32mph when my batteries are fully charged on flat ground with hyperinflated tires and the speedup above 18mph is rather slow also. But again my car is 48v so it does behave differently than a 72v model.

I wonder how much of a range hit that device causes and if the hit occurs at all speeds or only higher speeds.

Interesting, too bad I can't take a look at one of those things up close and inside sometime.
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