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The $500 Electric Car
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So I commuted to work and back for a full week!! One whole week of gas free driving! I just can't say that enough! I still don't know how it's possible! I finally got one of my 2 dead batteries to show a full charge, so I went ahead and put it back in my pack. Sure enough though, when I got home it was dead again (oh well); but on the plus side, the other batteries were still pretty well charged. So I went back down to 60v. You know, I really don't think I know what 72v is like in my car, since I never have had 6 good batteries. I'd like to try to put a regular car battery in there just to try it out, but I'm all set up for the stud type setup rather than regular car battery posts. Maybe I'll get more ambition this weekend! 12 miles and counting!!!
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